World GDP

A Debate on GDP, Wealth and Economy

By Senthil Ratnasabapathy The discussion is on, again. It is all about whether or not the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) correctly reflects the status of the economy and wealth of a country. The … [Read More...]


Canada’s Challenge with India

During his six-day trip to India, Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper might find the Indian leaders, particularly Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, somewhat distracted and even meeting-wary. That … [Read More...]

Smuggling vs. Trafficking of Refugees

In a recent comment on Canada's National Post newspaper, James C. Hathaway writes about the common confusion between the terms of smuggling and trafficking -- two terms which have been very commonly … [Read More...]


Ofcom Calls for Public Input Into Internet of Things Era

The British communications regulator Ofcom is seeking public’s input in its efforts to devise a strategy to handle the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) era. The 14-page document, titled Promoting … [Read More...]

Thread Group Formed to Create Internet of Things Network

Some of world’s biggest technology companies have come together to form a new alliance to create new tools to facilitate home-centered Internet of Things (IoT) device interoperability. The alliance, … [Read More...]



American Express Platinum Card Canada Edition – A Review

I am now a proud owner of American Express Platinum Card. I got 60,000 Membership Rewards Points, which is equal to C$600.00 (points rewarded once you have made purchases to a minimum value of $ … [Read More...]

Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport VIP Lounge

Enjoying the VIP Lounge at Quebec City’s Jean Lesage Airport

I experienced Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport and its VIP Lounge twice recently -- my way to the Magdalene Islands and on my way back to Toronto. The first visit was early evening … [Read More...]

Super Moon, Shot Two Days Earlier

Super (Perigee) Moon, A Preamble

  Photo taken two days before the super full moon in August, 2014. … [Read More...]