Aravind Adiga’s Between the Assassinations

Just finished Aravind Adiga’s latest book, Between the Assassinations.

Adiga was a former Time correspondent in India and rose to fame with his first book, The White Tiger, which won the Man Booker Prize last year.

The Assassinations is an interesting book for its settings: set between the assassinations of two of India’s prime ministers, Indira Gandhi in 1984 and her son Rajiv in 1991, it narrates the life and times of a south Indian village.

It revolves around a short period of time, but within that period, the collection of short stories brings to us India with all its diversity and contradictions – here you find a church, a temple and a mosque with all the followers of the religions, the different castes the classes etc etc.

A quick googling determined that Kittur, the village around which the book is centred, does exist.

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