Link Between Lung Cancer And Radon

A recent UN report sheds some interesting, and disturbing, light into affects of radiation.

Lung Cancer & Radon

In the first development, the United Nations Scientific Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) finds a link between the colourless, odourless noble gas radon and lung cancer.

The Vienna based agency says the link between radon and lung cancer risk came about as a result of 20 studies done in thousands of homes in Europe, North America and China, as well as lung cancer victims. The risk is small, but it exists, says a UNSCEAR official.

The radioactive radon comes from decaying uranium and can seep through cracks and accumulate in buildings, particularly in basements.

The new findings are expected to persuade health agencies, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) to re-evaluate the current maximum dosage limits for radon gas.

Low Level Radiation & Immune System

Meanwhile, the UNSCEAR also says that while high doses of radiation is harmful to humans, particularly to their immune systems, very low level radiation can stimulate the immune systems in the short term.

The agency says that it appears people live in areas with a high level of radiation seem to develop an ‘adaptive’ response to it, and says more studies are needed to examine the exact consequences of exposure to low level radiation.


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