Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden In Vancouver

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden in Vancouver is a world of its own, nestled within the bustling Chinatown in downtown Vancouver.

A little about the Garden

Dr Sun Yat-Sen is considered to be the father of ‘modern China’. He is described as having played a leading role in the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty almost a hundred years ago and was the first president of the Republic of China.

Now, the concept and the philosophy of the garden itself can be traced to centuries earlier – ironically, to the Ming Dynasty times.

This garden is modelled after the private classical gardens built in the city of Suzhou (in the Jiangsu province, southeast of capital Beijing) in the 14th century.

SunYatSen_Skyline_forBlogA classical scholar’s home, according to literature, is meant to be the private domain of old China’s elite, particularly its artists.

They were located in urban areas, but their secluded settings with the incorporation of all the Chinese elements of peace and tranquility were meant to help the owners develop their masterpieces.

The Vancouver garden is the first full scale classical garden constructed outside of China, and a 52-member team from Suzhou spent a year building it.

Even the material, including the hand-fired roof tiles, carved woodwork and the courtyard pebbles were imported from China. And no nails or glue was used. SunYatSen_Tree_forBlog

With such uniqueness, it is a dream place for tourists and photography buffs. The Chinese-style buildings, ponds with the reflection of the skyline and the myriad of trees are all elements for fantastic photography.

But the beauty of the garden is not just in its buildings or trees but the serenity it as a whole imparts.

But then switch off the camera, and forget about the ticking of time. Just wander around the Garden, enjoying the serenity that pervades the place despite the hundreds of visitors. See the skyline in the pond, and see the moving clouds in the water. Look at the picture-perfect bonsai and bamboo trees. See how the hard elements blend into softness, like night gently gives way to dawn and a new day.

That is the true beauty of the garden.

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