I am a writer, communications professional and a traveller who has worked in three continents for almost thirty years. I have led communications strategy of a high-tech start-up, led production of a leading daily television newscast for four years (about 1500 newscasts), and have written more than 600 articles that have been published across the world in more than a dozen languages.

I was Director, Communications for Cloud Dynamics Inc., a Toronto-based cloud technology and services start-up. I led the communications strategy that included press releases, social media presence, organizing local and international trade booths and creating website (design and content).

Previously, I was Producer/Team Leader for South Asian News at OMNI Television, a daily national English broadcast for South Asian audiences. The show included live specials on elections and other events, such as the Air Indian Memorial and Bollywood in the Square.

I also conceived and was the first Producer for a weekly Tamil show aired by OMNI Television.

As a print journalist, I have written from Sri Lanka, Austria, Canada, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Britain and Brazil.

The Specials

Visited Brazil to report on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) development projects.

Co-ordinated European Union’s PHARE-funded project to promote and enhance intra-regional communications within 11 Central & Eastern European countries (Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia)

My essay on the trials and tribulations of a Third World visa seeker was published in the Speaking in Tongues anthology published by Banff Press/PEN Canada.

The Traveller

It is not just the destination that counts; the journey itself is an experience.

And, so whether it be taking a bus to north Sri Lanka, where it used to take two hours to cross a 10-km, pothole-filled road and the whole journey consisted of getting off for many military check points, riding a cycle 12 km and passing through open valleys and taking cover when ready-to-shoot military choppers fly past to partake in a fun-filled day with cigar-smoking, toddy drinking and jumping into a not-so-deep well in a semi-inebriated state before enjoying a sumptuous lunch,  or flying in a sleek aircraft to discover a new country and people, I have felt the journey itself is an experience not to be missed.

The countries that I have visited, lived in or live in, include Sri Lanka, Austria, Canada, India, Malaysia, Britain, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.