Misty Morning

We travel outside of our homes, cities and countries to experience something 'different', new or even something that we wished we had in our own cities, towns or villages. This can be the landscape, food, culture or simply the people. Yet, if we look around we can also find that some of nature's beauty is just around the corner. It could be a beautiful sunset, a landscape or even birds … [Read more...]

The Magic of Autumn

I grew up in tropical Asia, just north of the Equator, and therefore cold weather meant the mercury dropping to around 20C. Nature had given us just two seasons -- the monsoons and the summer, with the temperature variations minimal. Most of the time, it was hot, or just rainy and humid. Sure we had the spring, but as romantic as we tried to make it by visualizing the blooming flowers and … [Read more...]

Photos of Trip to Mayan Riviera, Mexico, in February 2010

Sights of Mayan Riviera. For the travelogue for these pictures, click here. … [Read more...]


Reflections of the Vancouver Skyline. … [Read more...]

The Chinatown in Vancouver

This is the entrance to the famed Chinatown. … [Read more...]