•  Senior writer/journalist with nearly 30 years of experience.
  • Experience in handling high-intense work environments
  • Experience in building small, high-efficient teams
  • Worked in Asia, Europe and Canada
  • Multilingual

Work Experience

Director, Communications, Cloud Dynamics Inc. (Jun 2013-)

Reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), the Director is responsible for the public face of Cloud Dynamics. The Director is manages the press releases, website design and content management, key internal and external communication strategies, organizing booths in trade shows in Canada and abroad.

Key Achievements:

  • Increased company visibility in traditional as well as social media
  • Organized four trade show booths, including two in the USA
  • Created newsletters for employees and investors
  • Redesigned website & content

 Producer (Team Leader/Producer), South Asian News, OMNI TV

(Canada’s only daily, 30-minute news programme aimed at the South Asian community in Ontario & Alberta)

(Mar 2013-May 2013)

Reporting to the News Director, the Producer is responsible for the news show and its structure. The Producer manages the team of reporters, writers and news anchors, and vets all national and international stories to decide which ones will go into the day’s show.

The Producer also decides on Heads, Bumpers and other Teasers.

Wip the Heads, Bumpers and other Promo materials.

 Key Achievements:

 Produced Specials, including Live-Eye and RF hits for major South Asian events.

  • Increased productivity by 15 percent.
  • Developed and deepened links with community leaders and other stakeholders in Canada and abroad, implemented new strategies to reach out to the communities, and advised the company of emerging trends.


Associate Producer (Team Leader/Producer), South Asian News, OMNI TV

(Jun 2006- Mar 2013)

Same as above


Associate Producer, Aaram (weekly 30-minute Tamil program of OMNI TV)

(Sept 2002- Jun 2006)

Conceived, conceptualized and developed the 30-minute weekly program from scratch.  It had been considered a first-of-its-kind program in the community in Canada.

Key Achievements:

  •  Created the structure and developed the strategy for the content to attract the audience.
  • Built a high-efficient team.
  • Trained staff in developing the story with audio and visual elements, and creating the features.
  • Developed a communication strategy to promote the programme within the community.
  • Developed a strategy to network with community leaders on behalf of the company.

Marketing & Public Relations Consultant, SpectraVoice Inc.

(Mar 2003 – Apr 2005)

Promoted SpectraVoice’s Voice Over IP Phone Services. Developed communications strategy to promote and increase sales in the ethno-cultural communities.



  •  Worked with local, and international media outlets from Sri Lanka & Austria.
  • Developed Special Reporting Packages on special projects run by the United Nation’s nuclear agency, the IAEA, in Brazil.
  • Worked as Co-Editor & Co-Organizer of a European Union project to enhance inter-regional communication in 11 Central & Eastern European countries.
  • Reported from London (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Prague (the Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • More than 700 articles that have been translated and published by media outlets across the globe in a number languages – from Spanish and Finnish to Norwegian and Hindi.
  • Worked as the Chief Editor for an international Tamil magazine in Canada.


Other Experiences

  • Gave presentations on Ethnic Media, its role and importance in Canada at University of Toronto.
  • Guest Lecturer in Journalism for BA programme, Academy of Tamil Arts & Technology, Toronto.



Spanish 1 (Centennial College (2006)

Foundation course in French (Adult Learning Centre (Volkshochschule- 1999)

Intermediate level in German (Goethe Institute (1992-93))

Diploma in Environment and Development (The Open University, UK (1997))

Certificate in Refugee Studies Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Canada (2000)

Other Qualifications

Fluent in English, German & Tamil

Well-versed in Blogging & Web writing



Member, South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA)

Member, Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA)

Member, Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ)

Member, PEN Canada

Member, Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE)